Tuesday, September 30

This Day .. That Year!

Chandra Gupta Maurya's period was India's Golden era, Patni days were mine!

I love Patni for...
The best friends it gave me, whom I would treasure for life
Every single moment I spent at work
Every single request I solved
Every single mail that I sent from the production support id
Every single chat line I typed on sametime
Every single call I made from the link line
Every single mapping, report and service I created
Every single saturday and sunday spent at work running those narrowcaster services
Working on four projects at a time and winning an award for the same
Every single night spent at work fire fighting for the project which was out of schedule
Every single night spent sleeping on the conference room's round table during the MSTR production move
Every single appreciation mail which I recieved from our onsite coordinators
Teasing Hari and Johnson and Fighting with Karthikeyan
Time spent on 11th floor cafeteria with Rajee, Jayanthi and Hari
"Comedy of Errors" and the "Lived Happily Ever After" story of Jayanthi and Anand
Mani anna's Coffee and hot bajjis
Lunches with hot jalebis at Dhaba Express
Fight with Hariharan on rumors regarding his marriage
My attitude towards Hariharan on his first day in Chennai
Dinner at Palki during Hariharan's visit and all the fun we had clicking photos
Dinner at The Park and the "Charles Angels" movie with Vincent and team.
Mumbai visit for project transition
Calling a project manager as "Phokat" over chat, who later took over our project in Mumbai after transition.
All those sweet stupid chats on sametime with Ankur.
Every single tear I shed when I decided to resign
Every single promise we made to keep in touch

I have had my worst days too.. But I still treasure them.. coz people around me always made me feel special. I was too lucky to have had such a great team.

What makes this day even more special is that I joined Patni on Sept 30th 2002 and left on Sept 30th 2004. And the memories of those two years will remain forever fresh....

Four years passed !! And I am still missing it .. and I am still loving it!!


  1. "Chandra Gupta Maurya's period was India's Golden era, Patni days were mine"

    That was a superb statement.I beg your pardon for saying the same thing again "The way you put your thoughts into words is simply superb".

    4 Projects at a time?As they say Woman are damn good at Multi tasking.

    Have a nice weekend,

  2. Buddy Congratulations :-)

    I guess now it is just One step away from Axon



  3. Hi Kiran !!

    Thanks .. :)
    Actually Patni days were so good. they moulded me and I am what I am now coz of those days.

    haan 4 projects at a time.. It was like living in the office for 3 months, visiting home just for a shower ;-) . Awsome days.
    Like that Old Rose in Titanic .. I will also say .. "It's been 4 years, and I can still smell the fresh coffee made by mani anna. The link line phone machines were alwyas busy. The buzzing production support project .. Patni was my dream job. It really was..

    The actual dialogue is .. "It's been 84 years, and I can still smell the fresh paint. The china had never been used. The sheets had never been slept in. Titanic was called the Ship of Dreams, and it was. It really was. "

  4. Preethe,

    Yeah,I can understand :-).

    You even remember the dialogues of Titanic.Meticulous :-)

    Have a nice Weekend,

  5. Hey Kiran

    A few days back .. the same newpaper called this HCL move as fatal..

    Thanks to Vineet Nayyar .. He rocks.

    check out this blog to know that what fun we had when Vineet visited us


  6. Preethe,

    I do have a penchant interest regarding the news related to Mergers and Accquisitions whatever the industry may be and keenly following this deal.

    I just love HCL's "Talk to Me" Icon.Nowhere in 2005 to top 5 in 2008,indeed a Transformation.

    So,now you HCL'ites say "Fingers Crossed" :-)

    Have a nice festive weekend,

  7. Preethe,

    Maaaaaaan !!! CEO dancing that too for a tamil Song :-) :-).

    No doubt first of it sorts.