Monday, September 15

Happy Friendship Day!!

You guys must be wondering. I can see question marks on your face. Friendship day in Sept.. No .. I am not crazy.

Yup.. Today is our friendship day and I would not miss wishing my friends Sandeep and Naresh on this day.

This is something which I wrote about Sandeep and Naresh, long time back on my blog..

Name : Naresh
Pet Name: Cobra
About : He was always there to giude me and advice me.

Name : Sandeep
Pet Name: Sandy
About : If you have never met a sumo wrestler, come to India, here is the one for you but beware - he's too sweet to handle.

Happy Birthday Naresh!!

Sandeep .. If you reading this blog.. I would like you to know that even now.. I call it "A Friendship by Accident"

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