Thursday, December 29

fattening of the calf

Have very less work today ..
more of analysis of existing mappings.

Expecting a bigger junk of work in January ....
Seems Client's budget doesnt have room for new projects this year ...
So pretty free now ..
We are being encouraged to arrange for new year team competitions and parties.

I wonder if this is the customary 'fattening of the calf' before slaughtering it.

Monday, December 26

Basic necessities of life

The basic necessities of life
a mobile phone,
internet and
Coffee vending machine

Wednesday, December 21

Nyaabagam Varudhe ...

Nyaabagam Varudhe ...
* Winning my first and only sports prize in three legged race.
* Those long walks , back home, with Priya (my school friend . I spoke to her , yesterday , after 7 years)
* Our School farewell day function.
* Meeting Kavitha in REC(Trichy) on the day of councelling for other state RECs. Kavitha, You mean a lot daa...thanks for being my best friend!
* The day I got selected for Airtel - Bharathi Scholarship (Rs 20000/- per year for 4 years)
* Time spent in hostel and mess.
* The night I got placed in Patni Computer Systems through campus (my interview got over by 9 pm)
* The moment Hari ( my Patni friend) informed me about my Chennai transfer.
* All the good time I had working in Patni........I had a ball.
* My last day in Patni.
* My First day in Hyderabad.
* The moment I kissed my son Raghav , just 10 mins after his birth.

Monday, December 19

Dear God

Dear God
1. Please wake me up at 5:30 am , so that i can finish preparing breakfast and lunch by 7:30
2. Please give me strength to walk fast to catch my office bus.
3. Please give me strength to stay awake till i reach office.
4. Please give me patience to wait till my pc boots.
5. Please give me patience to wait till my inbox opens ( Also please hang the person who invented lotus notes)
6. Please give me goodwill not to curse the network group when the connectivity is slow or the net is down.
7. Please send some good caterers for our office canteen.
8. Please dont let me dose off in front of my pc between 2 and 3 pm
9. Please dont let my PM to schedule any meeting after lunch.
10. Please wake up our onsite members early , to answer our queries before 5 pm.
11. Please help me leave office by 6 pm.
12. Please give me the enthusiasm to go home and play with my son Raghav.
13. Please give me strength to prepare dinner.
14. Please help me decide the menu for next day's breakfast and lunch.

Dear God ... Am i asking too many things????

Friday, October 7

A Birthday Message for my husband With LOve

A million bright mornings
would not be too many,
Long evenings forever
would still be too few,
For I need you and love you
so much that it seems
There arent enough days
in a lifetime with ypou
Happy Birthday
with love
Always yours

Saturday, September 3

kutti Raghav

We are blessed with a baby boy on August 11th.
Kutti's name is Raghav

I am having a very good time with Raghav.
He keeps me busy all time.

know what ... He blogs too ..
see his first post in his father's blog ..

Saturday, July 30

Saturday, June 25

Happy Birthday Rajesh

A very Happy Birthday Friend
Enjoy !!!!!

Thursday, June 23

FISH! For life

I was reading a book " FISH! For life ". Its really worth reading ..
Below given are some lines taken from this book:

We all long for a primary relaionship that lifts us up in a way thats not possible alone. We want to create in our lifes a two that is bigger than one plus one. there is a special form of happiness that can be experienced only as two. We often think about our partners in the following way:

- someone with whom to share life's little treasures : a sunet , a child's fragile first step , or a poem.
- A shoulder to cry on when life overwhelms us , and a voice to remind us of positive futures possible in times of doubt
- A best friend
- Someone who knows us, warts and all , and still loves us.
- A lover with whom sex is improtanat part - but only a part - of intimacy
- A ready hug

This is a sequel of the book " The FISH" .
I would say should read these two books during their lifetime.

Wednesday, June 8

Kiran and me  Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 7

I am blessed

Early this morning .. I was wondering about how blessed I am ..
And I am blessed ..
.. coz I have the most caring and the most handsome husband.
.. coz I will be having a cute little baby in another 3 months.
.. coz I have a whole lot of people to love and to love me.
.. coz I have a great husband , who would get me anything I ask for, take me for
two international honeymoon trips in a span of 7 months
.. coz I have nice job with almost no work to do ,where I get to read and write
blogs. And also get paid once in a month.
.. Coz I am sane enough to realize that I am blessed.

Friday, June 3

Am Back..

I am back to the world of blogs..
My old blog was deleted as i dindt update it for quite sometime..
was quite busy after marriage ..
Now I am back .. but not sure what to blog..
Hope to write something soon ..