Thursday, September 25

Select a Name for our cricket team!!

The task of selecting the name of our location's cricket team was given to a few freshers in my team. Our office building's name is STC, so they wanted the name of the cricket team should also be something abreviating to STC.

Keeping in mind the past records of our location's team , bang came the first suggestion...
STC - SAVE The Champions!!!

The list of other suggestions were ::

STC ! Society of Trusted Champions
Spirit of the champions
Shine with the Champions
Stunt with the Champions
Sport with the Champions
Stock of the Champions
Save the Champions
Struggle for the Champions
Souls of the Champions
Stars among the Champions
Spark of the Champions
Sparkle with the Champions
Scintillate with the Champions
Sizzlers -The Champions
Salute the Champions
Scrambled Eggheads- The Champions!
Sa-ro-ja The Champions

My personal favourite was Scrambled Eggheads- The Champions!

Can you guys think of any better name for our team!!


  1. Preethe,

    Tried a bit but nothing striked my pea sized brain worth enough to mention.So,on which name you zeroed on finally.

    Have a nice weekend,

  2. thanks for straining your mind ;-)

    we have submitted the list.. the final decision is not yet taken..

    It would be something as plain as "sizzlers - the champions "