Monday, September 1

Happy Birthday Aapiser!!

Birthday’s are always time for us to celebrate and eat cakes and enjoy….
It has become a culture now to get a cake for the bday boy/girl ( To be read as BAKRA) … Also, Lot of discussions about choosing the venue for the treat.

So here comes the birthday of one of the key members of our group..
He is called as "AMBANI" by some and as "Aapiser" by most of us.

It is a unique experience working with him. He is a Perennial source of ideas.
We always send our work for review to him atleast two or three days before the actual delivery. Because he would for sure come up with the best logic with far better performance than what we had initially designed.

I was working on converting a code to ETL package and was breaking my head when the ouput of the code was different from that of the package I developed. I was literally brooding over that logic for more than 8 hours. And it took him exactly 10 minutes to crack the issue and to point out that I had missed to comment out a part of the ETL logic. I am forever indebted to him cause he helped me in realizing that I can also be the dumbest of the dumb and hence shattered my forever towering ego :P

So Here I am wishing our MS - Guru a very happy and a wonderful Birthday!!

Have a Blast "Aapiser"


  1. Im also one among the 'most' to call him the Aapiser. Preethe if you call yourself a dumb then how would I be called for some of the crap blunders & PJ's I made during the work. Im too indebted to Aapiser for guiding me out the way.

    Long Live Aapiser Ayya ! Have a great day

    But Im terribly wound up to Mr & Mrs.Appiser for making Vignesh( Junior Aapiser) call me an aunty(Paapam Goush,No one had called her an aunty till then) and the worst part would be to tell him that I was too studying in LKG and failed in the annual exams while junior Aapiser got promoted to UKG:(
    Enniya vachhu Comedy kemedy pannalaiyae

  2. Hello Goush!!!

    Innum enna doubtu ungallukku???
    Total family serndhu ungala total DAMAGE panittanga ...

    Natasha kayirula thongidunga ... PLS...

  3. Ah ha kelambittangaya kelambittanga!

    Aappa chatti ellam angayae thaan ya erunthathu... Naana thaan ukkanthutaina ?

    veainda vallikuthu ... alluthuruvain

  4. ROTFL
    Somebody stop me....

  5. enna ethu chinna pulla thannama....