Wednesday, September 3

From the day I posted my bucketlist with the wish to visit Denmark , I have been getting some hits from a IP address registered at Denmark...

I wonder if it is atually someone browsing from Denmark, or some soul (troubled) sitting in some corner cubicle of one of the Indian IT companies and working for some European client.

Kangalal paarpadhum poi, kaadal ketpadhum poi, Theera visarippadhe mei..

The names of the three monkeys which pose for HEAR NO EVIL, SPEAK NO EVIL, SEE NO EVIL are : Mizaru, Kikazaru and Iwazaru

An Update: Sep 5th 2008

Its nice to see my child go places


  1. "Kangalal paarpadhum poi, kaadal ketpadhum poi, Theera visarippadhe mei"------May be if I would have heard you saying this I would have understood it to some extent but reading Tamlish(Tamil in English) always makes me feel Algebra is far easier Subject when compared to Tamlish.

    But....I understood two words one is Kaadal and the other is
    Poi :-) :-).Kindly let me know what does that saying mean.

    Have a nice day,

  2. Hey Kiran!!
    Looks like you did let yuor imagination run very wild :P

    "Kangalal paarpadhum poi, kaadal ketpadhum poi, Theera visarippadhe mei"------

    This means ..
    What you see is not the truth
    What you hear is not the truth..
    truth is what you analyze..

    Kaadal .. mathlab Hearing with ears
    And Poi is lie / false

  3. This is the problem when the same word has two different meanings.But the ultimate truth is that I have a long way to go before saying "Yes,I know tamil".

    Have a nice day,