Thursday, June 23

FISH! For life

I was reading a book " FISH! For life ". Its really worth reading ..
Below given are some lines taken from this book:

We all long for a primary relaionship that lifts us up in a way thats not possible alone. We want to create in our lifes a two that is bigger than one plus one. there is a special form of happiness that can be experienced only as two. We often think about our partners in the following way:

- someone with whom to share life's little treasures : a sunet , a child's fragile first step , or a poem.
- A shoulder to cry on when life overwhelms us , and a voice to remind us of positive futures possible in times of doubt
- A best friend
- Someone who knows us, warts and all , and still loves us.
- A lover with whom sex is improtanat part - but only a part - of intimacy
- A ready hug

This is a sequel of the book " The FISH" .
I would say should read these two books during their lifetime.

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  1. 'ready hug'... thats so nice.. I guess i have to read this one :)