Tuesday, June 7

I am blessed

Early this morning .. I was wondering about how blessed I am ..
And I am blessed ..
.. coz I have the most caring and the most handsome husband.
.. coz I will be having a cute little baby in another 3 months.
.. coz I have a whole lot of people to love and to love me.
.. coz I have a great husband , who would get me anything I ask for, take me for
two international honeymoon trips in a span of 7 months
.. coz I have nice job with almost no work to do ,where I get to read and write
blogs. And also get paid once in a month.
.. Coz I am sane enough to realize that I am blessed.


  1. Happy to read this... I knew for sure about your job ;-)...

  2. Hey the last line made me think, it is so true. Without being sane enough to realise that you are a blessed person, nothing else would matter I suppose. Good Luck with the rest of the pregnancy, enjoy!

  3. You are, You are..! :)

  4. uma >> Thanks for dropping by..
    Thanks a lot for the wishes.

  5. Anonymous5:42 PM

    All the best. May you live long and be happy throughout. Take care.

  6. Anonymous6:18 PM

    wish you a very happy friendship day !

    best wishes for everything.

  7. Anonymous4:53 AM

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