Wednesday, December 21

Nyaabagam Varudhe ...

Nyaabagam Varudhe ...
* Winning my first and only sports prize in three legged race.
* Those long walks , back home, with Priya (my school friend . I spoke to her , yesterday , after 7 years)
* Our School farewell day function.
* Meeting Kavitha in REC(Trichy) on the day of councelling for other state RECs. Kavitha, You mean a lot daa...thanks for being my best friend!
* The day I got selected for Airtel - Bharathi Scholarship (Rs 20000/- per year for 4 years)
* Time spent in hostel and mess.
* The night I got placed in Patni Computer Systems through campus (my interview got over by 9 pm)
* The moment Hari ( my Patni friend) informed me about my Chennai transfer.
* All the good time I had working in Patni........I had a ball.
* My last day in Patni.
* My First day in Hyderabad.
* The moment I kissed my son Raghav , just 10 mins after his birth.

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