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I relived my memories ..

1981 - 1986

Appo naanga Mysorela irundhom. So remember spending my holidays at my maternal grand parents' place in Trichy. I used tO love that Trichy house... A typical old Agraharam veedu with thinnai,railiway paltform maadhiri long hall, hall sidela chinna chinna rooms and kitchen at the end. Visits to Thiruvaanikaaval (Thiru Aaani Kaaval) also called Akilandeshwari temple used to be my favourite timepass. koyil kolathula neraya meen irukkum. adhukku pori pottundu irundha timeporadhe theriyadhu. ange oru kutti aanai irukkum.. Andhukku rice and vellam pottu periya periya urundai panni ootuvaanga.. supera irukkum paarka..

Apparam .. Mysore.. had a lot of tourist attarctions. Chamundi Hills, Brindavan Gardens, Najangud and many more ..Summer Holidaysla Chitthi, Chithappa with their kids, aththai paati , maama and family ellarum varunga.. Amma used to take them for a guided tour to all these places.. My favourite used to be Brindavan gardens and the musical fountain shows.

Pic 1: Naane dhan
Pic 2: With Mom and Dada.. taken in some Mysore exhibition

1987- 1993

We shifted to Chennai from Mysore. My materanl grandparents also moved in with us after selling our Trichy house. Chennaila Ayanavaramla settle aanom. Our house was quite near our maama thatha and maama's house. Their's was a joint family. Adanla eppovum jejennu kootama irukkum avanga veedu. Ennoda cousins , second cousins , third cousins ellorum iruppanga.. orey kooththu dhan.

Maama veetula rendu maanga maram irukkum. maanga adichucha veetula thittu vilum.. so periyavanga ellarum thoonginapparam maanga adippom.. Kitchenla salt and molaga podi edukka thada irundhadhu.. adhanala therumonaila oru thatha cut mango kada vechipaar.. anga poyi salt thirudindu varuvaanga.. Ellam ready panninundu out-housela poyi sema koothadippom.. Apparam .. night dinnerkku mottamaadila
ellaraiyum okkaravechchu saapadu poduvanga.. Wonderful days.

Soup panrennu maggi tastemakera hot waterla karaichu maamava kudikka vachchadu innum niyagabam irukku .. Paavam Raja maama .. he dint utter a word.. he drank the whole cup of soup..

Apparam .. amma and appa kooda neraiya oorukku poyirukkom.. ooty, madurai, Coimbatore, Thirunaveli, Tanjavore, kuttraalam, Mukkombu dam, Bombay.. We used to frequently visit Trichy to meet my grandmother's chiththi..(our great grandmother).

Pic 1: Mukkombu Dam with mom , dad , bro , Anu aththai family, Vidhu and Raghu
Pic 2: Ayanavaram veedu - bro , Chiththi's kids( satish , krupa), (innoru chiththi's kid) Bhargavi
Pic 3: Little Folks theme park- Priya, Nivi, Bro and Ramesh

1994 - 1998

10th std and 12th std timela engeyum poga mudiyala .. more over we shifted to Alwarpet. so our visit frequnecy to Ayanavaram also reduced. But school friendsoda nalla enjoy panniyirukken.. Kazhudha ketta kutti sevuru maadhiri.. engalukku Boat club road and Mcrennet bakery dhan kutti sevuru.

I love dogs.. Enga veetukku pinnadi Demonty colony park irukkum.. adukku walking kootindu vara dogs ellam ennoda friends.. Doogie and Bruno were my best friends :)
Photola irukaradhu Bruno ..

Pic: Alwarpet Veedu - two dogs (Bro and Bruno) :-P

1998 -2002

Golden days of my life..Wonderful college with 650-acre campus.. situated on beautiful plateau. According to amma and appa .. naan anga padichcha four yearsum enakku holidays dhan.. we never used to attend any classes..New Market, Dus Number market , Kota,Indian Coffee House (ICH), College Dam, campus temple etc etc etc
.. Romba enjoy pannen.. miss those days.. Evenings hostel maadila poyi okandhu pesa aarambichcha time poradhe theriyadhu.. And ofcourse mess table discussions were the best..

Pic 1: Hostel maadi
Pic 2: In fornt of new ICH , New market Bhopal

2002 - till date

Work panna start pannapparama breakknu eduthadhu marraige timela one month. Srilanka and Singapore trips were wonderful. Apparam Raghav was born. Ippollam Raghava Childrens park and beachkku kootindu
poradhu dhan holidaysla naanga panra orey vela..

Pic 1: Guindy Children's park

Indha photola enga total gange irukku .. except Vidhu.. We met last weekend for our Cousin Balaji's wedding.. angeyum poyi sema ruckus pannom.. Total fun..

I woud like to tag : Ones and Zeros - Kiran , Meproteus - Rajesh


  1. Super ka....
    romba nalla irrundhudhu.....
    potos lam super....
    very very good....
    kalakita po....
    ennake romba feelingsa irruku edha padicha apparam,,,,,,

  2. Fantastic writing as I have come to expect from you. And thanks for tagging me, I will try to write sometime soon. Keep writing :)

  3. Preethe,

    1.Buddy,What is that,that is making you look so happy and clapping (the very first pic ) ? :-)

    2.In some pics I was able to recognise you but in some pics I am totally clueless,especially the pics having looooooooot many girls.It's really confusing :-(

    3.How is Bruno doing ?

    4.650 Acres ? Maaaaan that's quite a huge one.So far I was thinking MCC(Chennai-365 acres) is the biggest campus.

    5.As usually the way you put your thoughts into words is nice(may be it's nth time I am saying it).

    6.Btw,earlier I used find reading Tamil written in English,very tough.But,this one I found it very easy.Don't know whether I had improved in Tamil or you had put it simple.

    All in all nice post :-) :-).

    Have a nice time,

  4. Hi Kiran
    1. Not really sure.. Will ask my chiththi who stitched that dress for me :)

    2. Looot many girls !!??!! hmmm .. I think i can understand your confusion ;-)

    3. Bruno is not with us anymore.. :(

    4. yeah .. 650 acres.. was a beautiful campus.. After summer.. the campus looks more like oooty.. Thise "Fire in the forest" flowers and green lawn makes it look more like a hill station. And you know .. there was a small reservoir also in our campus. we used to call it MACT dam

    5. Thanks :)

    6. Thats great!!! So now when are you replying for the tag?