Thursday, April 2

A baby crush on a baby Snow White!!

Raghav is in Pre-KG at one of the famous schools in Chetpet. I have been finding a lot of positive changes in him since he started going to this school. The Montessori method of teaching has brought a lot of changes in his way of thinking and learning. He speaks English quite well, though we dont prefer speaking in English at home. He is now fluent in Kannada, Tamil and English. He understands Telugu quite well. And in a few days when his grandparents would join us, he will start speaking in Telugu too.

Raghav's school encourages a lot of group activities for kids. Even in their sports day, they had many group games ensuring that each kid gets a trophy. And that was really a very good way to encourage kids participation in all the activities. They also had a annual day function for Montessori class kids. It was very well organized. we had a good time. Raghav was dressed up as a band boy in the Disney parade. All kids were dressed up as Disney characters and band boys were leading these kids on the stage.

Raghav is very fond of these Disney fairy tales. And especially snow white and seven dwarfs. And There was one girl who was dressed up as snow white in the Disney parade. Raghav was very excited to see snow white. And even till this date he gets all excited whenever he sees this girl. He doesnt know her name as she belongs to another Pre-KG section. Every time he gets a chance to see this girl before I drop him at school, he stops until this girl enters her class and then goes to his class.

Today when I was dropping him at his school, I saw that this girl was coming to school with her dad. I waved at her and said hello to her father. And here is our conversation..

Me: Hi kiddo .. Hello (to her dad)
Her dad: Hello.. which section?
Me : Bunnies .Whats her name?
Her dad: (Name withheld ;-) )
Me: She was looking very sweet in snow white dress on annual day function.
Her dad: (smiles) (and more smiles)
Me: My son Raghav keeps talking about your girl.
Her dad: (smile .. more smile)
Me: He always tells me whenever he meets her. He calls her Snow White.
Her dad: (smile , smiles and more smiles) I never knew that this would start so soon (winks)
me and her dad: LOL

And I am still laughing!!
Wonder what Raghav would do when he grows up..
And I hope to preserve this post to tell him that snow white was his first crush!!!


  1. @Raghav - I know this is your first right foot in ...Smart boy its time for you now to get holistic training on how to drop a "Congrats Ms.Snow White" mail to move forward ! Maybe you can have a standard mail template and keep changing the names when you meet Cindrilla,Rampansel,Dora,Alice,Barbie...

  2. Goush!!
    Is this called "experience speaks"

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  4. (read in Mumbai Slang)

    Namasthe Raghav Bhai,abhi se shuroo ? tu to ek dum Solid hai baap.Apun ko bhi tumse kuch seekhney ko mangta hai.


    //(Name withheld ;-) ) //

    Superb :-),btw narration was good.

    Have a nice time,

  5. Congratulations Buddy,HCL made it to No.1 in the Best Employers list in India -a study conducted by Hewitt.So,is Vineeth/Shiv throwing a bash :-) ?


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  7. @kiran
    bash!!!!! its recession time a man!!
    All that they could offer us was a small piece of cake ;-)

  8. Raghav already.. oh!
    I wonder where that comes from LOL

    Jokes apart - That was beautiful !


  9. Colorblind song is so good , thanks for sharing :)

  10. Hey Sri!!
    Glad that you liked it..

  11. The quote you left on the "Brida" post is so good :) good to see someone who appreciates nice quotes

  12. Well, what to say Preethe - Your sweet son is growing up. Good Narration on your part. By the way there is this movie 'Little Manhattan' about a school boy's first crush. If you watch it, you'll get a headsup into what's in store in future in this 'Snow White & Her Charming Prince' Story.

  13. Ha ha .. @Ragav Boy you got wonderful parents!Keep narrating about all the snow whites you come across. So that we get nice posts from your mommy!