Friday, April 24

Am I IT challenged??

Bulb No 1:
Me: Schoola ennada panna? Innikku enna drawing panna?
Raghav: Amma nan oru hash draw pannen
Me: Hasha?? appadinnaa???
Raghav: Hash maa..
Me: Eppadi da irukkum???
Raghav: adhdhan maa ..computerla shift pottu three press panna varume .. andha hash.. Unakku theriyadha?? next time Dora (CD) podumbodhu kaataren..
(saw the craft which he had made at school this morning.. it was hash design made out of wooden ice cream spoons)

Bulb No 2:
Raghav: Amma Tom and Jerry (CD) stuck aagudhu

I deleted the running processess and tried to open the CD again.. Movie started palying in VLC player.. Screen was small .. so I tried to make it full screen by pressing "Alt +Enter".. I dint know that ALT+Enter combination doesnt work in VLC player. I was searching all the menu to make it full screen..

Raghav: Amma .. two times click pannu maaa... screen fulla varum

I double clicked on the screen .. and there it turned to full screen..

6.5 yrs in IT .. Orey puppy shamea pochchu..
Idha dhan learning is a ongoing processnu sonnanagalo??


  1. Preethe,

    Hmm,an IT Czar in making :-).

    All the best Raghav.

    Have a nice weekend,

  2. unga pullayanaadan ipovay bill windows kanaka irupaan polarukay :D :D kalakings..vlc player ...hash mapping!! range kaatran ponga

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  4. @Kiran , Gils
    He also has all traits of an Energy Counselor, like his dad. He makes sure that all the electrical equipments are switched off before leaving a room. He switches off the monitor when PC is not in use .. etc etc etc ..

  5. he he .. super ma... next time u have any doubt in data flux ask ragav :).

  6. Vangaradhu dhaan vangareenga energy saving bulba vangunga :D

    Eppo ellam elementry schoola computer symbol kathu tharangala?
    Raghav sema cute appanukkey sorry ammavukke padam solran.

    konjam unga techi skillskku F5 podunga :)

  7. Jus kiddin romba comedyaana post, learning is all time process. And the more up you go in industry the less you would know about small stuff like double clicking on VLC player :)

  8. Ragav s so smart..
    Chota bill gates in ur home..
    I'll get his autograph now itself.. :-)