Thursday, June 26

Happy Birthday Rajesh!

Dear Rajesh(doc)

Throughout the years
That I have known you
You have been a true
Blessing in my life

Make a wish
Make it last your whole life through
Its a gift from the heart
Making all your dreams come true
As the light from the candles shine on your face
Take a chance
Today you can believe

Make a wish
Its your birthday
Happy birthday to you Rajesh!

Life is not the breath you take. Its the momemts that take your breath away.

1 comment:

  1. Rajesh7:37 AM

    Sometimes along this life, I have made a lot of decisions, some good some bad. A good majority of them in my life have been things that I often go back and say 'I wish I hadn't done that'.


    If I were to make a list of things that I had done right, right at the top of that small list would be the day, I stumbled upon and befriended this angel who is now waiting for me to blow the candles and make my wish.

    You know what Preethe,

    I am going to blow those candles and I am going to make a wish, coz, I know this angel will make it matter.

    Thanks for the wishes. You are treasured. :)