Monday, June 23

I am a dabbler!!

I dabbled in electronics during my undergrad. I joined MFM correspondence course . But later discontinued it as I did not want to end up counting the number of soaps sold in some remote part of India (:-P).

Patni (My first employer)taught me datawarehousing. I worked on ETL tool called Informatica and OLAP tool called Microstrategy. With the basic datawarehousing background I could work on any DW tool.

I worked on Power Builder at Keane India. I loved Unix Scripting. I like working on vi editor.

I preferred working on Informatica. So shifted back to Informatica when I worked at Wipro.

After joining HCL, I have been dabbling in various DW tools.
I enjoyed working on SSIS and SSRS. And my present project is on Cognos.

Well.. Why am Isaying all this now?
Coz I am now getting readyto dabble in another new ETL tool (Dta stage) .
I am now attending a classroom training..

:-(.. Bhuuuuuhhh
I hate these classrooms.
Please.. why dont they just give me the installables and two days to explore the tool.


  1. besh besh pramadham! ingayum adhe nelamdhaan. im in a datastage project as the lead for 20 guys without knowing anything in DS.

    I dont like DS after having worked in Infa. have fun with ur training.

  2. Hi Prasanna!!!

    haan .. Datastage looks more primitive after working on Informatica..

    I agreed for this training coz I dint want to end up in a situation like yours ;-). Else .. I would have said a BIG NO for any class room training

    All the best for your project :)

  3. Preethe,

    Hmmm Patni,Keane,Wipro,HCL...seems your work profile is a hot cake.

    All my roomies are into Datawarehousing working for ML,Hewitt,TechM.

    Hope none of the team members of Indian Angel reads the comment she posted here.:-)