Thursday, July 10

Do you have Friends at work?

Like any good friendship, friendships at work take time, nurturing and effort on our part. It is quite easy to ignore them as someone being less important. We hear people saying " Oh!! She / He is just my colleague" . But are they really "Just work Friends"

We spend 8+ hours a day at work, which is more than many of us spend with parents / spouse or other friends. And while most os us actually spend most of our time working , on the job friendships are valuable for our mental well-being. They are the best stree busters.

A friendly pat when you are breaking your head with some coding, would really cheer up the moment.

A quick chat / gossip during the tea breaks does help to keep youself updated on the office politics.

An offline friendly discussion with your team lead or project manager the best way to communicate your aspirations without waiting for your appraisal. Appraisals feedback will be a cake if such discussions happen more often, coz your PM would know more about you rather than what you would reveal in that one hour feedback discussion.

Birthday parties and Family get togethers would add to the fun.

I had been always lucky enough to be a part of a very lively team. My present team is too enthusiastic. And our ODC gets too animated everyday after 5 PM, Have you ever seen a team of tecies hitting each other in Pokiri Vadivelu style, with long pipes. If no .. do come to our ODC after 5 PM, you will get to see all these spectaculat events.

There are two team members who usually become the centre of all our jokes and fun. And these two people are just too sportive to take all these jokes as just jokes.

I love all these activties at work. Enjoy all the leg pulling and also being pulled. They are Real ( yeah! real with capital R) good stress busters.

Words of advice: When you look for a job, don’t just concentrate on the money or health benefits. Make sure the people you interview with and meet are people that you can see yourself friends with, because in the end, that’s what will keep you sane.


  1. Preethe,

    Sounds nice but I am yet to find that kind of Wavelength at my Workspace.Ofcourse we do share a good rapport but definitely not the kind of what you have mentioned.

    Sometimes I do wonder whether such kind of atmosphere is possible at workspace?Seems,Yes from your posting.

    I had just started,let's see.

    Have a nice Weekend,

  2. its nice to have a friendly and energetic team, but whats more important is to have peeople who are cool headed and super friendly - atleast I try to be friendly with all the guys in my team and that just makes your day lively.

  3. Hi Prasanna!
    ya .. cool head .. thats the most important thing to have a cordial relation with everyone at work.

  4. Hey Kiran
    All the best. Wish you find one such team too :)

  5. Anonymous12:25 PM

    hi preethe it was really great dat u wrote abt our at work always works..cheers