Tuesday, February 26

To my friend

Do you remember the day when we boths started chatting over sametime? For years .. I kept checking my chat window to see if there were any messages from you. And you never started any conversation first.
I was amazed at all your abilities, including your way to make me feel good even when you were not satisfied with my work. you taught me all the mysteries of MSTR, including the parent child relationships. T9000_UNIT table became an integral part of my life.

Do you remember the time when you and I were discussing about how to reduce the job run times by increasing the number of threads in Narrowcastor .. Did you realize how fascinated I was talking to a technical wizard. Will you ever recall those days and tell your children about it?

If i meet you someday .. will you recognize me? Do I have to introduce myself and see you widen your eyes in surprise. Sometimes I feel that when we meet I would end up talking about how hot it is and how nice it was to meet you again, instead of telling you all about my life.

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