Monday, February 18

Denzel Washington

Watched the movie Crimson Tide over the weekend

Some great dialogues in this movie..

We're here to preserve democracy, not practice it.
I expect and demand your very best. Anything less, you should have joined the Air Force.

And ofcourse ... Denzel was mind blowing
Found a few photos of this handsome on net ..
Some of my Favourites!!
1. Angry Man
2. A perfect gentleman
3. Me lost in this smile
4. Angry Handsome

I am still Drooling...


  1. I truly agrre with this SIL. This is my fav movie. May have watched it around 25 times. Ofcouse the highlight of this movie is Denzel.

    I recently watched his new offering "The American Gangster" which obviously performance is outstanding.


  2. Hi Kalyan

    Havent watched American Gangster yet. Its in my top list now

    I like his other movies: Bone collector, Deja vu and the Hurricane.. He is too good