Wednesday, February 13

I cannot fool him anymore!!!!!

Raghav is already showing the symptoms that he will prove to be a good Project Manager coz he likes to paint using MS Paint and create PPTs with clip arts.

He is 2 yrs and 5 months old and he knows all the parts of a PC.

I was checking my mails and Raghav was still asleep.
Around 7 AM , he showed symptoms of waking up. So I just switched off the PC monitor.
He woke up and came running seeing me sitting near the PC. I told him that he cannot use the PC now as I have swtiched it off. He said ..
"Illa Amma.. CPU is on.."

I understood
1. I cannot fool him anymore.
2. I need to update my skill set to handle raghav

Dear GOD give me more new ideas,.. plsss
Or should I google for more HELP???

Life is not the breath you take. Its the momemts that take your breath away.

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