Wednesday, March 1

This day . That Year

Location: (Girls hostel) Visitors room
Time: 14:00

She: (Looks around the vistors room .. scanning all the people sitting and wondering who is her visitor )
Mr X: (Holding a white envelope in his hand comes forward)
She: (Snatches the envelope from his hand) Where should I sign ?
Mr X: (Totally Confused) SIGN??? (Starts self introduction) I am X .. Doing my here.
She: Ok.. I'll call Manisha didi ... (Manisha .. she was the only Mtech student staying in hostel)
(turning to security gaurd) Bhaiya .. mere guest kaun hai??
Mr X: Hey .. I am your guest ..
She: !!!!!!!!!!! (Gives him a wierd stare) Sorry .. I thought you were some courier boy .... (Gives back that envelope)
Mr X: (Gives sad + wierd + pathetic look)
She: (kshhsssscheeeee... curses herself ... "Why do I blurt out everything I think ?? Poor fellow")
Mr X: (Gives that envelope back to him).. This is my bio data.
She: OK ..
Mr X: I have seen you in the college bank ..
She: So..
Mr X: have u noticed me ?
She: (Thinks .. " I have no interest in a guy looking like a courier boy" ..And makes sure she doesnt say that and gives a pleasant smile) Sorry .. no
Mr X: ok .. I have seen you many times there.
She: So ..
Mr X: Today is my last day in this college ..
She: oh Good ..
Mr X: Wanted to meet you before leaving campus .
She: ????? ( still confused )
Mr X: Just wanted to tel you that I want to marry you.
she: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr X: Please sit .. ( He sits down) I have spoken to my parents about you. I am joining L&T I Know that you are in your third year. I will be having two years work experience by the time you finish your BE.
She: ( Still Standing .. Still not believing abt what he is telling her..... )
Mr X: Have a look at my bio data. If interested ask your parents to contact mine. ( He thrusts that envelope in her hand)
She: (Takes the envelope ) Bye ....( What Am I saying???)
Mr X:(Gets up and prepares to leave) Dont forget to read the bio data.
She: (Walks out of the visitors room .. still not understanding ..Stares at the envelope, Tears it to pieces and puts it in the gutter )

She is till confused .. Who was this Mr X? Was this some kind of a joke on her played by her friends or seniors. She couldnt scold or act rude to this Mr X as he was pretty decent.

Now she is comfortably settled in her life .. witha great husband and a sweet kid.
She thinks of this fellow (poor??? Who knows??) only on this day ...


  1. Anonymous11:58 AM

    the guy had the guts atleast to approach you. some fear to even talk openly.

  2. Hey Mr Anonymus ..
    She is not me

  3. Anonymous2:10 PM

    I didn't say that. It was but obvious. Maybe what you say is right then.

  4. Hey Mr Anonymous..
    Pls reveal ur identity ..

    "I didn't say that. It was but obvious. Maybe what you say is right then. " I dont understand what u say ..