Friday, March 3

My Freinds

This is just a copy paste from my home page..

This is just to tell my friends that I miss them .. I DO MISS THEM..

Name : Kavitha
Pet Name : Olive
About : The tallest girl .. She was my Hostel Roomie .The coolest friend .. She's the bold and the beautiful (Babe) girl of our group.

Name: Janaky
Pet Name : Jaan
About : Mallu dear .. Lost touch after marriage .. Now in Australia

Name : Anajana Topo
Pet Name: Ganju
About : The most understanding friend I have ever got.

Name : Anju Gupta
Pet Name : tantoo
About : One could always see her with a smile. A great person to be with..

Name : Anu
Pet Name : Anu
About : Her presence always inspires me ..

Name: Karthik
About : The model human being or the biggest manufacturing mistake made by the Human factory of God. Cause he is too good for this corrupt world.

Name: Hariharan
About : An excellent thinker, hard worker and an absolute definition of sweetness. Believe it or not, I've been smiling ever since I started writing this about him. He is always there for any help or advice and I know it by default.

Name : Naresh
Pet Name: Cobra
About : He was always there to giude me and advice me.

Name : Ankur Mahajan
Pet Name: Ankur
About : A real crazy fellow, A great guy, The best friend you can have and a great individual. A computer genious making the computer pray for mercy.

Name : Nikhil
About : A Smart and great guy . A very Fundu fellow.
Had a gr8 time with him during our trip to Bhojpur.
He is too good at asking questions esp during farewel parties ..

Name : Akash
Pet Name: DB
About: The best model of Mumbai and thinks he could win Mr. Universe.

Name : Sandeep
Pet Name: Sandy
About : If you have never met a sumo wrestler, come to India, here is the one for you but beware -
he's too sweet to handle.

Name : Ismail
Pet Name: Monkey
About : A real crazy fellow , A Cute friend .

Name : Rajeswari
Pet Name: Rajee
About: Very very sweet and always there to giude me and advice me .. Our Next CFS Web Admin .

Name: Jayanthi
Pet Name : Noooo ... She calls me Olive
About: A ditto of Rajee .. She is now in Bombay .. We had a gr8 time working in MRS project . I can never forget Option 1 and Option 2 PL/SQL task .

Name: Harikrishnan
Pet Name: Hari .. Calls himself Kaiser
About : Thinks he is a computer genius ... Always ready for pulling his own leg.

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