Wednesday, March 22

Steps .. for COPY and PASTE

The whole cubicle was roaring with laughter when She entered her Business Unit.
Its hard to see the whole team free and together in such a light mood.
She was curious to find the reason. She couldnt wait to drop her handbag and rush to join the team.
The cubicle roared again as someone cracked another joke , when she entered her cubicle.
The moment Mr M saw her coming .. He started ..

Mr M : You want to know what happend just a few minutes back?
She: Ofcouse .. I am all ears
Mr M: You are aware of the java task I am working on , hena
She: haan re.. Mr H sent that work, right .
Mr M : Ya ya .. the same..
She: Uska kya hua ..
Mr M: Jaldi mei ho kya .. sunn .. let me explain it to you step by step..
She : Ok Jaldi bata ..
Mr M: Mr H was on sametime when i came in. he wanted me to copy a java file to the client machine. I couldnt copy it there as it was too slow. Mr H was in a great hurry.. He wanted it to be done right then.
Then he says ( says the chat between him and Mr H)

Mr H: Can you move that file to XX01?
Mr M: Unable to connect to XX01.. is someone else connected to it?
Mr H: Not sure.. Try it again.. Need this done now .. have to show it to client
Mr M: Trying ...
Mr H: Done?
Mr M: someone else is connected ..
Mr M: (stays slient)
Mr H: Can you copy it to some folder in citrix .. right click on the file and select COPY.. OK
Mr M: OK .. Now i am in destination folder .. ( In a nakkal tone ) should I right click there and
select PASTE???
Mr H: (Understood what situation he has dragged himself to a totally wexed tone ) M.. do u have a linkline near you ???

Everyone bursts out laughing again..

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