Saturday, May 26

Don't know what to name it!!

It was 6.30 PM. The moment I stepped out of the vegetable shop .. an eerie feeling hit me.

I was standing in the middle of a new creed of species!! A creed called "Young Software Engineers". Their dresses ranged from perfect formals to torn jeans. A few carrying a laptop bag and others carrying just a lunch box pouch which holds a few Tupperware boxes. The girls in high heels and straightened  hair had their eyes glued to the new smart phones or were busy animatedly talking with their colleague / boy friend.
But one thing was very common among this whole group. They all looked proud. They had a sense of achievement on their face.

That look on their face left me wondering .. What is the real reason behind these proud looking faces. The tasks which they delivered at work .. or the pay check they will be given by the end of the month?

In my 9 years in this software service industry, I have not invented anything.. All I have done is used one or more existing software to provide the service requested by the client. I may have designed a few systems, but they were all created on an existing platform provided.   The pride I had during the college days when I was one among who cleared all papers and had a job after the first semester .. I dont have that pride anymore.. coz I know the backbenchers in my batch are doing much much more better in non-IT fields than what I am right now. And I am proud of them.

So these "Young Software Engineers" .. What makes them so proud?
I have seen a few of them in my previous work place. Occupying cafeteria for hours , coz they do not have a work station allocated, as they are not into project for the last one year!!  I have seen that girl with straightened hair going out of the restroom leaving the toilet seat wet.

Not that I say not being in project is their mistake .. But yet .. The moment they step out of the work place .. this pride sticks to their face.. I still wonder how and why.


  1. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Hi Preethi, you have written what I felt…too good…the people who are cultivating food for us never felt proud about what they do…I feel they are the real hero’s to whom we have to give the real credit rather than us. Keep writing..i am expecting a lot from you..:) Balapitchiah.C.P.

    1. Thanks Bala!! I totally agree !!

  2. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Excellent..Nice thoughts :)

    1. Thanks Srikanth!! Is baat pe ek treat hojaye!!? :D

  3. Don't know if this attitude is wrong. I have seen people like this bring in a fresh perspective (I agree with the fact that the thing we do is not rocket science, but still) as opposed to people who have gone through the grind for 8-10 years. A little bit of pride helps :D.

    1. Hey Santhosh!!
      :) a different perspective.
      A little bit of pride is ok .. ok..
      but in most cases it becomes arrogance.

  4. Thought provoking. Hope you are a good mind reader too ...Your blog just reflects the thoughts of n number of individuals like me. Excellent work ...Keep writing :)

    - Saravanan Bala

  5. I think Freshers, if given the right opportunities,can inject new ideas, a fresh perspective and a lot more. It should not just be about training fresh grads, but also about learning from them.
    Do you see that happening at your companies?

    1. Absolutely Santho!!
      I have worked with both types of freshers..
      those who grab the opportunity and deliver the best .. they are pleasure to work with and we get to learn so many new aspects and different perspective of work from them. And some are total lazy bunch.
      Even if the company provides the facilities.. it totally depends on the attitude of these freshers

  6. Where will they go Preethe, give them sometime! I am sure they will all fall in soon... The foundation on the face cannot withstand chennai veyil for sure!!!

    That look on their face left me wondering .. What is the real reason behind these proud looking faces. The tasks which they delivered at work .. or the pay check they will be given by the end of the month?

    So that's what kept you wondering - out of the vegetable shop? Not bad! You have an eye for detail Preethe! That much I can tell!

    I once heard my friend spending 5K in straightening her hair - I could not comprehend why so? I never could! I came to know in some places these can even go up to 50K, but whats the point??? Mostly low lives! I felt so very sorry for my friend that day! I felt she had nothing else to fill her life with!!!

    Now that's what I think Preethe! Gen Y seems to be highly volatile in nature! Their lives are filled with false pride and the best(?!@#!@?) part is they are cool about it!

    Is this is what prev gen would have thought about us too?

    About the toilet seat, I am planning to take printout of cartoon pictures and post it inside the toilets through admin on proper usage! Gen Y learns straightening hair immediately because that's what we have put in all posters everywhere, unfortunately we cannot do the same for the rest of the basics!

    Along with straightening hair, if they can straighten their attitude and put on a bit of common sense along with that foundation, moisturizer, concealer, lip liner, mascara that would be great!

    1. Hii Siva!1
      1. Thanks for the wonderful long comment!! long time since someone spent sometime to read and reply such lengthy comment to my blog.. thanks for that :)
      2. Hyd veyilla its doesnt sweat.. so i guess indha face foundation konjam jasthi time irukum pola :D
      3. Gen Y!! hahaa .. HCL thakkam jasthi irukku ungalukku :D
      4. Printout abt toilet stuff... hehe .. I had this idea a few days back .. A poster which reads " Dry the toilet seat before you leave.. if found wet.. the hidden camera will click ur pic and circulate to email". may be you can try this :D
      5. Yeah .. I hope they straighten their attitude too.. also follow queue while waiting near coffee vending machine :D

  7. Nice thoughts Preethe, I still wonder how keen a observer you are !!

    I believe its the same through out India. Although they are independent and earn handsomely (not sure if they really deserve it), they are losing values and respect.

    I believe there are few who still have their values intact. Not all of them are the same. I hope you agree :-)

    Regarding other thoughts on hygiene, again I believe it comes from practices at home and upbringing. Your idea about email is quite unique :)

    Keep writing and enjoy the (Phokat Times) !!

    :-) Karim.

  8. Preethe,

    2-3 years back Campus Placement means one gets through only if they have stuff.But these days Companies are recruting a whooping number like 2750 from one College or Univeristy.Mind you I am not bloating the figure.So,obviosuly getting into a Job becomes "just next phase of life".To put it cyrstal clear Jobs are not earned or achieved but just given away.

    College hone ke baad ek do saal Dhakka Khaake aaye tho,thub sahi rahega.I am not demeaning all freshers and Campus placements but I think things at this level can be honed a bit better so that people realise the importnace of the Job.

    Happy Weekend,

  9. Wonderfully written! I wish I could tell those proud(arrogant?) creatures that but for the foreign exchange rate, it would be just another profession!