Sunday, July 3

So Whats plan for the weekend?

Did you just ask me that question

Hmm. ok .. So here are my plans.

I am presently planning to go to Switzerland for a skiing resort.
After that I am planning to drive to Denmark to visit the little mermaid.
And yeah, if possible visit the most famous Copenhagen prison too

After Denmark, I am planning to go Netherlands, to run around those green pastures.
May be I will bring you all a few litres of fresh milk.
SMS me if you want me to carry a few litres of foreign cow's milk back to India.

And later if time permits, I would fly to England and walk on the London Bridge and set my watch time based on Big Ben. Then I plan to meet our beloved Queen and maybe I will have breakfast with Prince William and Kate.

Hey hey .. why are you looking so surprised.. Doesn’t that sound great?
Looks like you are still not convinced...OK may be I will change it to visiting NASA. How does this sound.

Guys .. Beware …Before you ask me this question .. ever ever ever again
Even after knowing that all that I may be doing over the weekend is the week's laundry and cleaning my son's shoes and visiting grocery store for next week's preparation.


And then don’t look surprised when I tell you my plans to visit Moon for buying a plot.


  1. Aruna8:26 AM

    This is exactly what I feel when someone asks me on Friday... What is your weekend plan? God!!! do I ever have anything different to tell, then why this question...

  2. 2 din aur itna bada itenary ? Bahut na insaafi hai.(read it in Gabbar style).

    So,Preethe ji kya haal hai :-)