Monday, January 12

Happy Pongal!!

uuuff...That was a long gap!!
10 days .. And I dindt have access to my blog!!
Missed it so much..

Last 5 days were worst. I was ordered to sit inside a room for straight 7 hours everyday!! And the worst part was... I was forced to hear someone who was non coherently uttering some nonsense. I hope you would gave guessed it by now.. Yup!! I was attending a training. Trained in yet another new DW tool called OBIEE. And I had a great time fighting with the trainer (full story reserved for a seperate post).

Anyways .. enough of my ramblings..
Happy Pongal to all of you !!
Happy Maattu pongal to all maakkals

Happy Holidays!!!


  1. Preethe,

    I just love the way some Tamil words sound and MAKKAL is one among them.

    Well,Happy Pongal :-)

    Have a nice time,

  2. haha .. U missed the pun :)

    I said "Happy Maattu pongal to all maakkals "
    Makkal means people
    But Maakkal means "Animal" in pure tamil..

    Now tell me .. Do you really like these tamil words ;-)

  3. Preethe,

    Buddy,clean bowled for the 2nd time in a row.Last time it was Kadal which you mean "To Hear" this time it is Maakal which you mean "Animals.Both the time I missed it out just by an extra letter :-).

    I don't know tamil leave about pure tamil,all I know is OK OK Tamil.But these mistakes don't deter me from learning tamil.

    Have nice weekend,

  4. wow!
    Thats the spirit man!!!