Thursday, January 1

What is Data Warehouse?

When somebody asks me this question, I would be giving the most repeated answer which you will find on any DW textbook or DW site. The answers are:

consistent store of relevant data for reporting
Store of data for analysing the business.

When the same question was asked to a set of freshers in my team, there came a rush of multiple intresting, rib tickling answers..

Warehouse which stores data is called data warehouse.
Data in the warehouse is called data warehouse
A warehouse full of data.
Basically theoretically conceptually usually it is a relational database like RDBMS. Datawarehouse - enakku laddu aana avarukku boondhiya theriyudhu (meaning Concept of DW differs from person to person)
Datawarehouse - Saravana storela poyi car bomma vaangalam aana car vaanga mudiyadhu. (meaning Adhoc queries are not really adhoc)
Finally .. concludingly.. Net netDatawarehouse is all about dabbas (showing the architecture diagram - dabbas all servers )
OLTP and OLAP rendum goodsu vandiyum express trainum maadhiri.

All these wonderful dialogues came up during a datawarehouse knowledge sharing session. All freshers entered the conference room well prepared for the discussion. Similar to Vadivelu's dialogue ‘enga aNNan karunchiruthai parambarai. Bus la kambi pidikaama dhaan povaar’, these guys said, "naanga ellarum IT pasanga. Conferencekku nettu irundhu definitions download pannithan varuvom" .

one team member was asked to present the DW concepts. I could clearly read her thoughts. It said "ennai vetchu comedy keemady pannaliye"

After the session, the person who took the presentation looked very enthusiatic. To quote the person ... (to be read in Vadivelu style in the movie Giri)

Oru paththu peru enna 12th floorla irunthu 2nd floorkku oru liftulu iluththundu oru conference roomukku ponanga. Anga room nadula nikkavechu question questionaa kettanga. enna kekkaranga edukku kettangannu onnume puriyala. Aana ella questionnukkum answer pannen. kadaiseela oruththar sonar .. neenga romba nallavaru. Unga presentation romba nalla irukku. evvalavu kettalum answer pannareenga"


  1. Preethe,

    The word Datawarehousing always puzzles me especially when my roomies talk about INFORMATICA.The reason is some of the terminology I get to hear from them makes me feel that it can be used even with SAP as it is mainly related to extraction of Data in terms of DSS,if I am not wrong.

    Btw except this ie "karunchiruthai parambarai" I understood all the Tamlish written in the post.:-)

    Nice post blended with info and a bit of humour.

    Have a nice weekend,

  2. Datawarehousing is just a concept. There are many tools which supports this concept. SAP BW is one among them. Informatica is used for ETL , for loading data into the target warehouse from multiple sources. And there are multiple reporting tools like BO, Cognos etc etc which are used for data analysis and reporting

  3. Preethe,

    Thanks for the info.