Tuesday, October 14

Ultimate Answers


  1. Preethe,

    Teacher might have given the Student 0/10 but this post of yours deserves 100/100.
    ROFL,btw hope you would have noticed even the roll no is 420.

    Aapas ki baat hi,Are you the Student? Lol


  2. Hi Preethi ,,,

    sravanthi here ..hope u remember ...keane ..motinagar ..we used to tavel ind same bus :)
    how are u dng ??i lost ur email id but I remembered ur blog starts something woth phokat ..so tried hitting here :)
    so how are thngs ?raghav has grown up ..:) guess he has become very naughty ..ok thn etc..just wanted to say hi

  3. Hi Kiran!!
    Wish I had been this creative .. i would have not entered this field!! Actually I was too busying being phokat those days ;-)

  4. Hey Sravanti!
    I do remember you dear!!
    I tried calling you when i was in Hyd during lats deepavali time .. but dint get thru ..
    So .. howz your kiddo doing?
    do send me kiddo's photos.. my id is preethe@gmail.com

  5. hello preethe ..gud to see ur message will maill u ,,.

    tc sravanthi