Tuesday, October 7

A tag

Ten Things You Wish You Could Say To People Right Now :
1. Gym instructor: Whats the fastest and easiest way to reduce weight? Muje pathla karo
2. M: From where to do you get so much energy to talk?
3. S , H and F: From where do you get so much patience to hear her speaking?
4. PM: Please ... Muje kuch achcha kaam do.
5. Hello.. (My cellphone is lying dead since morning)
6. Your Coffee sucks ( to the coffee vendor guy)
7. Jorgen Hiezenberg - I highly appreciate your thoughts on BI
8. Vineet Nayyar - loved your dance
9. Guess familiarity breeds contempt.
10.To everyone: Hurray!!!! I am not working from 15th to 31th of this month

Nine Things About Yourself
1. I had a big crush on the cricketer Venkatapathy Raju.
2. Once upon a time, I was a voracious reader. I loved reading classics like "Mayor of Casterbridge". I can even quote a few lines from them.
3. The one and only sports certficate which I won, was for three legged race in 1990
4. I have a great difficulty in memorizing phone numbers. Sometimes I forget my own cell phone number
5. I have more guy friends than girls
6. I bite nails.
7. My late grandfather appears in all my dreams, irrespective of the dream scenario or situation
8. I hate Feminists
9. I cannot stop talking about my son. Be it to a watchman or a drop dead handsome guy.

Eight Ways To Win Your Heart
1. Listen my rants
2. Buy me a Book
3. Dont ask me to cook for you
4. Strong coffee with less sugar
5. Call me often ( Excuse me .. I dont love those telemarketers)
6. Follow Khalil Gibran's words "let there be spaces in your togetherness".
7. Buy me loads of dark chocolates
8. Be Unpredictable.

Seven Things That Cross Your Mind A Lot
1. What is Raghav doing now?
2. Equivalent Dilbert strips for any stituation at work
3. I should get some physical excersice.
4. I should stop biting my nails.
5. Robert frost's "Miles to go before you sleep"
6. Dont stop ... you are almost there..
7. How can I be so stupid... Is anyone watching me ...

Six Things You Wish You Never Did
1. Start a Blog .. I would have had more time for other things
2. Stop my studies with just a BE degree.
3. Let people take me for granted.
4. Sharing knowledge.. I never knew it would have its negative effects too
5. Join Keane. Learnt that people dont leave companies , but they leave their managers.
6. Cut my hair

Five Turn-Off’s
1. Male Chauvinistic pigs ..( Mind you .. I am not a feminist)
2. Dumb smile
3. Comparing me with others
4. People trying to act smart but are not
5. People asking me on why I have never been onsite

Four Turn-On’s
1. Intelligence
2. Big smiling calm eyes
3. Honesty
4. Respect to others.

Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die
Visit Denmark
Slim down to 50 Kg
Camp in African forest

Two Smileys that Describe You
unhappy smileys
free smilies

One Confession:
I love tags character smileys

1. Ones and Zeros kiran
2. Girl walking on the cloud - Goush
3. Kavikkuil - Bhuvi
4. Those who want to take up, take it up....


  1. Preethe,

    @Ten Things
    10.So more Phokat times,So more Postings or more time with Terrible 3? :-)
    @Nine things
    9.Obviously,btw nice statement :-)
    @Eight ways
    6.Khalil was right.Yet to lay my hands on his books,will try to get one soon.
    7.I know people love chocs but they are even specific on colour of the choc,that's a news to me :-)
    @Seven things
    7.Yes,I guess your PM is :-)
    @Six things
    @Three Things
    May all your wishes come true :-)
    Coming soon :-) :-)

    Have a nice time,

  2. Hi
    Have loads of work at home.. My SIL's marriage

    Dark chocolates ... This type has more coco and very less sugar. So they are a bitter. diabetic people prefer this kind.

    Waiting for you to complete the tag

  3. You are tagged with a Time Machine !