Friday, August 8

Raghav's Birthday!!

August 11th is my son's birthday. He turns a whopping ... 3 year old..
These three years went so fast.. amazingly fast.

Kind of sad to think that those days will never return. I am sure even if he could return them to us, he wouldn’t, because he is having a blast being the “Terrible 3?!!?!".

Needless to say though, amma is proud. Life is simple for now. I’m proud of just the fact that he’s growing up.

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  1. Preethe,

    Kewwwwwl Man.If it is Raghav I recall you mentioning that he was able to understand the fact PC is on if the CPU is on.

    Kind of message ie "Mommy you can no longer cheat me,I am smart enough" :-)