Monday, August 18

Adventure ( Horror!!!) at 00:15 Hrs

How would you feel when

You have to board a train at 00:15 Hrs.

You are travelling alone.

The train stops for just 5 minutes at this station.

You board the train to find your berth already occupied

The person sleeping in your berth also has a valid ticket

The ticket examinar tells you are carrying yesterday's ticket

You finally understand how you have messed by booking the ticket for 17th 00:15 hrs train while you are actually travelling on 18th 00:15 hrs. All this confusion because you were leaving home on 17th

You travel for 8 hours standing on one leg in an unreserved compartment, cursing yourself for all the mess.

Your train is running late by an hour.

You have to reach work soon as you are in a new project.

This is how you will look when you enter work


  1. Lol :-) :-),

    Now I am sure that you will be double the cautious when you are booking tickets.

    By the way Pic is quite appropriate.All the best for the new Project.


  2. hahaa!!!
    That wasnt me ;-)

    One of my ex-project mate was the inspiration for this post..

    well .. He looked exactly the same( as the one in photo) yesterday ;-)

  3. fantastic, thats how i look most of the time. I thot i was the only idiot messing up with train timings and missing trains, and there is one more here:) BTW, belated b'thday wishes to your son Have fun!

  4. And..... I got a glimpse of you and your hubby from the photos in your site. Both of you are pretty tall! :)

  5. Oh poor guy, I meant the monkey - how tired he must be to sleep like that LOl :)