Tuesday, August 29

Books Tag

Picked up this interesting tag fro another blog

One book that changed my life:
Fountain Head - The determination shown by the lead character Howard Roark influenced me so much , that I Started thinking like him in some situations.

The book you have read more than once:
1. The Pillars of Earth - Ken Follet
2. Kane and Abel - Jeffery Archer
3. Fountain Head - Ayn Rand
4. Fish and Fish for Life - Stephen Lundin and Harry paul
5. Acts of Faith - Erich Segal

One book you would want on dessert island:
Difficult to answer .. probably some book like
Idiots guide to learn camel riding

One book that made you laugh:
Inscrutable Americans - Anurag Mathur
The Department of Denials - Anurag Mathur

One book that made me cry:
Abridged version of the classic - Mayor of Caterbridge - Thomas Hardy
We read this book as a part of school english sylabus.
I have cried every time I read the chapter where Henchard leaves dies leaving behind a will which says
that Elizabeth Jane should not be told about his death, that he not be buried in consecrated ground, that no one should mourn for him, and that no one should remember him

One book you wish you had written:
Ponniyin Selvan - By Kalki
This books depicts the life of the kings and queens during the Chola period.
I wish I could go back to that era.

One book that you wish had never been written:
1996 batch - 10th std History book. It was such a big book and we had to study that for two years.
I guess after our batch the sylabus was revised and the book was made half the original size.

One book you are currently reading:
Mistress - By Anita Nair

One book you have been meaning to read:
The Data Warehouse Lifecycle Toolkit - By Ralph Kimball

Would like to tag
1. My Husband
2. Being Rajesh Prabhu - Rajesh
3. Think High -Prasanna


  1. Hey,
    You tagged me alright! I will take some time though(sometime this week) to reply back :)

  2. Prasanna
    Take your time !!

  3. Preethe:
    I left a funny tag in my blog for your request. However on a serious note: here is my real tag
    1. The books you have read more than once:
    Jonathan livingston seagull, baraneedharan's "arunachala magimai", sujatha's "katradhum petradhum(this is just awesome)" ,
    "En kanmani Thamarai" by balakumaran(this is the story of abirami andhadhi fame abirami battar - read this if you have not read before.... simply too good) and the list goes on.....including kalki, vikatan and kumudham :)
    2. one book you want on desert or island:
    Dont know maybe something like "How to grow food" bcoz survival is important illiya :)
    3. One book that made you laugh:
    I dont remember the last one I read :) but there are lot of short stories and narrations (in blogs recently) that has made me laugh
    4. One book you wish you had written:
    Adventures of sherlock holmes - Oh my god how well he observes characters in that. Just by looking at people he can say where they are, what is their profession, what is their hobbies, what kind of locality they live and so on!
    5. One book you wish that had never been written
    appadinnu idhu varaikkum yosichadhilla!
    6. One book that made you cry
    There have been several( I dont feel bad being a guy to agree that I've cried! Actually crying helps you :)) the last one was "En kanmani thamarai" by balakumaran
    7. One book you are currently reading:
    Isaac Asimov's "Foundation" do u like science fiction - then maybe u should read isaac asimov's novels
    8. One book you are meaning to read:
    To be a little frank and honest, anything that can explain in detail that everybody needs to know about both the sexes! It doesnt matter which book it is!

    Ok i think its a very long comment, do take care and have a terrific weekend!

  4. Hi Prasanna
    Thanks a lot for the completing the tag..
    I have read a few parts of Sujatha's "katradhum petradhum" in some tamil weekly. It was really awesome..

    And . thanks again for taking out some time to complete this tag..

    Have a great week ahead

  5. Yayyyyyyyy..! I have done it finally ;)

  6. Yaaaay! I have done it , Finally!

  7. hey nice one!!!
    i hcv seen this tag a lot ....