Thursday, May 25

Too many changes - I am very happy

Long time
Dont have time even to open this blog.
Too many changes in life .. I am enjoying them
Our new home .. Moved in to our own house last weekend.
The new house looks great.. All credit goes to Kiran for all his hard work to run behind painters and carpenters to bring the house to this great shape..
The best part of this house is the great view of Durgam Cheruvu from one of the balconies.. Its really breathtaking .
For those who dont know .. Durgam Cheruvu is a beautiful lake in Hyderabad. Its one of the tourist attractions here.

And them my new job. I quit my job at Keane and have joined Wipro.
Manikonda office is very good. Have not been allocated to any project still. Might have a cleint interviw in a day or two.
Please pray that I get through these interviews and get into some project. Dont want to be on bench for long. Seems like I have finished reading all preiodicals in the library.

Raghav is now with his grand parents in Coimbatore. Seems like he is having a good time there. Missing him.

Sometimes life moves too fast


  1. Awara3:48 PM

    Congratulations on your new job and house.

  2. If you are with wipro, you may be interested in the new book on
    Offshoring IT Services

  3. Hi Mr Awara

    R >> Thanks for the link

  4. sravanthi2:38 PM

    Hi preethe...
    Nice to see u blogging again...gud to hear that u joined wipro...hopefully u only only in DWH ...all the best and congratulations for the new house n new job...

  5. Hii Sravanthi
    Nice surprise
    How are u doing ?Howz CSC treating you ? Where are u these days.. In India or left to Denmark ?
    shifted to ur new house?
    Mail me in detail re

  6. Kalyan10:40 PM

    Any further leave plans and subsequent promotions (the next things to follow) ?? ;) (just kiding)

  7. Hey Kalyan
    Tu bohat bolraha hai re..
    well .. anyways .. If they have plans for promoting me .. I dont mind going on another leave ... (But no other things to follow the leave ..)Teek hai kya ????