Tuesday, January 31

I dont remember my tricycle days , i dont remember if i even had a tricycle. but i surely remember how i learnt riding a bicycle . My dad or grandpa running behind me .. trying to hold the cycle before i would fall.. Being very clse to my school , my school days were spent walking betwen school and home. Thanks to Priya , who used to walk with me from school till park Sheraton Hotel pulling her cycle along .

I learnt riding a tvs 50 and scooty. But never got even a learner's license.
Studied in a residentail college . Enjoyed walking to class from hostel with bunch of friends. Our colege was on a small hill. So it was difficult to ride a cycle . Our professors or the autos leaving the campus used to drop us at the shopping center just below that small hill.

After college during tarining period at mumbai , we had office bus picking us up from Belapur and drop us at Vashi and dump us back in Belapur after 8 pm.

Close to 3 years since i started my professionsla life. Time seems to have moved so fast. Used to stare at each car .. especially saloon types and wonder when I would own one . Long back some astrolger predicted that i would marry a person who will have a four wheeler ..Kiran had a zen even before marraige. :-) ( Now I have started bellieving in Astrology ..hehehhee)

I just love my seat and enjoy back seat ( well its side seat ) driving ..
Hoping to start driving classes soon ..

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