Friday, April 3

Professionalism Gaya Thel lene

Location: Meeting Room, Office
Time: Working hours
Agenda: Technical Interview

She: ***Entering the room, showing a chair> please take your seat***
He:  ** sits**
She: Would you like some water. please feel comfortable.
He:  Yup
She: What is your relevant experience in blah blah. 
He:  10+ years blah blah blah blah
She: **He has been working in his present company only since early this year so asks**   You have just joined blah blah company. Why are you looking for a change so soon.
He: That is a silly question.
She: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She: if you find that question silly, then I guess my questions are over. you can leave now please,

It is so sad to see people with so much experience behaving so unprofessional.


  1. ROFL.I liked the word Thel Lene.

    To be frank,it is his Ego which got hurted because it is a female who is questioning him.Nothing less nothing more.

    In my opinion numbers just don't add up to a Person's character.10+ doesn't guarantee that a person is a Professional.

    And the below question is ABOSLUTELY RIGHT.
    " Why are you looking for a change so soon ? "


  2. True. It was his ego talking.
    Whatever I have written here is just 1% of what he said.