Sunday, December 29

How I kept up my 2013 resolutions

1. Start Each day with enthusiasm
          Yup started each day with a bang and then a banging head ache.
This year I am going to set the alarm ringtone to some song starting with "Enthusiasm"

2. Be super happy with what you have
          Yup I am happy with my thinning hair. Yup Super duper happy.        

3. Improve Vocabulary
Spent hours browsing through Imgur to understand the jokes on "your and you are and ur".
          Wonderful learning indeed. You should try reading them sometime.

4. Maintain weight
Losing weight is hard. So maintaining weight is much easier.  So even after i put on 10 kgs, I try to maintain it.
          Hard Task. But yes I am still maintaining it.

5. Read those books
Going through a the last 2 pages of that book, damn I dont remember the name of that book. Yeah I did read those 2 pages to see if I had noted down the phone number of the pest control guy there.

6. Start Driving
          I did drive the car which was parked on the tow truck. Dint I ?

7. Spend less time in front of computer
Bought a new tab. spent rest of the hours on the tab. Now I spend only office hours on laptop.

8. Meet new people.
Spoke to that officer in Mumbai international terminal coz i wanted a luggage trolley. This counts right. Yeah it does.

9. Learn something new
Never wear a stiletto to a new office building before you know what kind of carpet / flooring they have. Never I say... Never

10. Complete everything which I ever start
Completed watching Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn Part 2.  You know it is such a difficult task to watch all three parts, just because you watched part 1 and you have to stick to your resolution. Go through it and you will know the pain.

Based on my 2013 experience , I have decided to keep my 2014 resolution very simple:
"Become a Ghost Hunter"
So easy to achieve this I say. Come back near year to know my Ghost hunting experiences


  1. Hey. Although its put in a comical tone I could see some disappointment .. here is to new year filled with love light and fulfillment. Please keep writing.

    1. Thanks Sri. Wish you a very happy New year.
      yup all disappointment due to thinning hair :p

  2. Come on Preethe...Now come out with the serious stuff....(Of course, I know you are very serious about maintaining your weight lol) :)

    1. Dei Thambi.. Serious Stuff is too serious da. :)

  3. I thought blogging is loosing its sheen with the advent of Twitter.
    Welcome back.Happy New Year.


    1. Hey Kiran!! Happy New year to you too.
      what is your twitter handle? :p