Thursday, December 20

Dear Friends .. I hate you

Many would say that if tomorrow is the end of the world, tell people how much you love them.
But I would say, tell people how much you hated them, coz you have lived all your life acting to be nice to them and dealing with them everyday. Before we die we deserve to have that peace of mind which comes from yelling at someone. 

So here is my list  .. My Hate list

Dear Sasikala , 3rd Std B section, Stealing my pencil with rubber head was not good. Pinching me and making me sit at the end of the table while you occupied the whole seat were barbaric acts. I hate you. 

Dear Chandrasekar , 5th Std A section, telling my cousin brother that I cried in the class (for the reason I don't remember now) was very uncool. you broke all laws of friendship. I hate you.

Dear Nandini and Nirmala , 7th std x section, asking "When did Gandhiji kick the bucket?" in the class history quiz was cheating and was against rules. Your father may have been an English professor but you cannot expect the whole class to understand "kick the bucket". 
My team lost because of this question. I hate you. 

Dear Pavithra , 8th Std A section, you were my best friend when I joined Boston. your grey big eyes were always questioning me.. but i don't remember those questions now. you were quite intimidating . don't know why. still we sat together in all classes for one whole year!! 

Dear Mahalakshmi Ma'am , beating me with scale for scoring 99 for losing 100 by one mark, coz Karthik from 12B was able to score 100, was an atrocity. I suffered from performance anxiety for long time. 

Dear Priya and Pragan (9th std to 12th std) and Kavitha (4yrs BE) 
you girls were and are beautiful. I was always with you girls during school and college. The ugly duckling in me was sad sometimes as you all hogged all the limelight all the time. 

Dear AP@#*&^* , you are a bitch. 

Dear ex-colleagues, taking me for granted that I will work late hours coz you missed the requiremenmts of that module and dumping the work on me .. was WRONG. You will be fried in hell day after tomorrow.

Dear Santhosh .. Stop reading my FB posts and blog posts for finding grammatical errors.  :P 

Dear All my FB friends.. When I say I broke my leg.. stop "like"ing it. 

Dear  everyone who called me as "Preeth" or "Preethey".. Mt. everest will come rolling and fall on your head if tomorrow is the doomsday. 

Dear Husband. "HMMM" is not the reply I expect when I complain of bursting head ache. 

Dear Preethe.. Yeah you. Get a life. Snap out of the anger . Stop writing crap and start living. 

HAAAA.. such a relief. I can rest in peace now. 
Good bye friends for now. See you after doomsday.

I am going to get so drunk tomorrow that I would know that the world ended when I meet you all in HELL. 
Lets go paint Hell red. 
Girls... Kavitha, Priya.. I love you both.. you both still rock!


  1. Very interesting...... I'm surprise to see how did you remember everyone :)

    "When I say I broke my leg stop "like"ing it":
    fb doesn't have unlike button :)

    1. :)
      But FB doesnt say use like button for every reaction :p

  2. Anonymous11:22 PM

    I am so used to FB that I was looking for a Like button....This is something everyone will wish to do and very few dare to do. It also tells us that at the end nothing really matters... just that we realize this a little (read - VERY) late in life - It was easy for you to name the people from school, a little difficult to talk about ppl from college and the recent ones had to be mentioned as "ex-colleagues" ;) Thanks for writing this, It resulted in a realization!! Take Care Di - Neeta

    1. Hey Neeta !!
      All that matters at the end is our own self.
      haan yaar.. if i dare to take names of recent ones..I may end up getting multiple arrest warrants :P

  3. Preethe!!! lovely post!!! no one can hate YOU- u r such a sweet thing!!! beauty, brains, good heart, good spirit(?) ellame about u is only good!!! God Bless u even if the world ends!!!!!

  4. Good one. I dont even remember the Subject. Was it Maths ? The Mayans better be right about "Dooms day" ;-)

  5. haha..I dont even remember which subject it was. Maths ? The Mayans better be right abt Dooms day ;-)

    1. Hey Karthik..
      Of course Maths da. Mahalakshmi and MeenaRanjan Ma'am .. remember them?

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  7. Hahah :)
    A great post. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Am so surprised about the fact that u still remember all the names.

  8. Anonymous10:39 PM

    lol.. nice one :)

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    1. Kiran!!
      #6 .. you referring to the lack of it(Modesty) ??? :D