Thursday, January 28

Morning Rush


Venue:  Home  


Time: 9:00 PM

Me: Raghav .. you should try now.

Raghav: No Amma.. it is not coming..


Time: 9:30 PM

Me: now.  Will you .. please Raghav now..

Raghav: Amma .. will do it after this game .. one more game .. ok?


Time: 10:00 PM

Me: Raghav.. please try now. Try for 2 mins..please

Raghav: Please Amma .. I told you .. I don’t feel like doing it now. Please no


Time: 7:00 AM

Me: Raghav..can you try now ..

Raghav:  Amma . I don’t feel like doing it now.. will do it later

Me:  Do you remember you have school today.. will you go to school without doing it

Raghav: I will go to school and then do it..


Time :  8:00 AM

Me:  Try for 2 mins Raghav.. if it still doesn’t come.. then ok.. we will do it later. But just try .. for 2 mins please

Raghav:  How many times should I tell you that I don’t feel like doing now… please ma ..



Venue: Main Road (waiting for school bus)

Time :  8:50 AM


Me: ??

Raghav: TOILET  



Hmmm… Life can be cruel at times.




  1. Anonymous5:19 PM

    Ha ha ha ha ha....
    Raghav is the best....
    Ha ha ha ha...

    - Prashanth

  2. Gud one...thats life!!!!!

  3. @Prashanth .. Ya . he is the best :P

    @Dave Thanks David!

  4. After a long time u are writing and its so fun to read, please keep them coming :) but I kind of guessed it just before the ending :)

  5. Really funny blog, which made me think of my childhood days..

  6. @ Preethe

    Can you please fill out a few questions for the Golden Jubilee Magazine of MACT ? If you are willing to, please send me a mail at

  7. (With a mike set written NDTV 24X7)

    Ahem Ahem Preethi ji our viewers as well as the blog readers would like to know what is your first reaction when Master Raghav expressed his desire to go to London waiting for the School Bus.

    Raghav,Sooooooooper :-)

  8. hahaha... kinda knew wot u were talking abt, but it was fun.... [1st time here, cute blog..found u thru twitter:)]

  9. A superb post! In childhood i went thru the same situation many times :-( Even now, to be frank, there's nothing more satisfying than emptying bowels every morning :-)