Friday, August 7

Btw . what are friends for?

There are a very few people with whom I am myself or take the liberty of being a bit slack in my behavior..

If you had been following this blog, By now you would have surely guessed who these very few people are..

But there a few people who freak me out .. Completely


There is one person, Bala, at my work... And he is one such person who is entirely capable of making me exhibit a strange deviation from my usual behavior.

But of course he is also a cute friend. And I do like his company..

Everytime I speak to him, we end up arguing and most often the argument would be very obviously deliberate.


As someone said .. "No man is exempt from saying silly things; the mischief is to say them deliberately."

And I guess we both live by these words.. we say silly things and argue that what we said is correct .. And we both know that it was quite silly to argue on that topic..


And yesterday while we were arguing on some such stupid topic .. He wrote a poem..


nee kuzhandhai petra pinnum kumari dhan

un ennanathin vazhiyaga

ne Manam mudiththa pinnum kulandhai dhan

un seyalin vazhiyaga


This left me wondering if he thinks I am immature.. and that left me fuming..

After a lot of thought.. I understood that yeah.. I had been acting immature.. He had actually been bringing out the kiddish nature of me or that adamant child which is in me..


There's no point in being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes.

So thanks Bala..

You have given me another reason for why we should have friends .. They know more about us than what we do..

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