Wednesday, May 20

A Small Help!!

Raghav: Amma naan oru help pannattuma?

Me: chittuu .. sollu da .. enna help pannaraa

Raghav: Unakku kayi valikkum.. adhanala andha icecream enakku kodu..


Before I could realize what was happening .. My ice cream cone was gone.


Label: Raghav



  1. Ha ha ha ha.....
    Kalakitan Raghav...
    Ne eppadi ka innum adhe madiri irruka????
    I mean brillianta!!!

  2. Preethe,

    Kids of this generation start their day with a laptops.Not a surprise to find them way ahead of us at a young age.

    I have a question

    During our School days when somebody asks what your Father/Mother does we used to say Father/Mother is working in Railways/Bank/ etc etc.Keenly interested in knowing how kids of this generation reply to it :-).May be you can check with Raghav and let me know :-) :-)

    Have a nice day,

  3. Hey Kiran
    I asked him this question.. he knows where we both work (HCL and CII).. also he said that I work on computer and his father works on laptop.. and he wants to join CII like his father and my brother..
    I guess he would take some more time to understand what working at office means..
    If I a not wrong .. even we dint understand how SW copany works untill we got into one .. correct me if I am wrong..

    Btw .. I am very sorry for the late respose.. comment section has been blocked at work.. so unable to respond immediately.

  4. Preethe,

    Cool.Just teach Raghav 3 more words ie ETL, Developer,and Datawarehousing.Then may be the conversation goes like....
    Teacher: Raghav,What's your Mother ?
    Raghav : Well,she is an ETL Developer.
    Teacher:What ? you know Datawarehousing ?
    Teacher:(Puts a sorry face kind of totally Lost)
    Raghav:(Gives a "You don't know even this ?" look) and says.....Chalo leave it,let's get on with the Class.

    ROFL :-) :-)

    Have a nice time,