Wednesday, January 2

Relationship Rules By Dr. John C. Maxwell

1.Get along with yourself
The one relationship you will have until you die is yourself.

2.Value people
You cannot make another person feel important if you secretly feel that he or she is a nobody.

3.Make the effort to form relationships
The result of a person who has never served others? Loneliness.

4.Understand the Reciprocity Rule
Over time, people come to share reciprocal, similar attitudes toward each other.

5.Follow the Golden Rule
The timeless principle: treat others the way you want to be treated.

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  1. Preethe,

    That sounds like 5 Golden Rules.But very tough to practice I guess.

    Well....I think relationships strain when one starts expecting much from the other but it is humane to have expectations.Did anyone say "We have to maintain Balance" :-) :-).

    Have a great week ahead,