Monday, December 22

Christmas and New Year


Make christmas crib for celebration at school
School Christmas carols
2 weeks holiday
New Dress for new year
Busrting crackers at 00:00 hours
Watching DD for new year songs (They are never tired of kamal's "Ilamai Idho Idho..")
Temple visit on 1st January
Feast by mom
Review of New year releases
Answers to be written for Half Yearly question papers
Reluctant counting of days for school reopening

Visit Mega malls for Christmas 50% sales
Forward Christmas and New year wishes emails
Apply RH (Restricted Holiday) request and wait for approval
New year parties or booze at home
Network jam , send sms wishes to buddies
Wake up at 11 AM on 1st January
Call up parents , sister , bro and other close relatives
Pray for better appriasal this year.
Order Pizza for Lunch
Wtach pirated DVD of the new year release
Left over pizza for dinner


  1. Preethe,

    Yeah,now-a-days it became more of a routine way of welcoming a new year.Winked and the 2008 passed and now we are ready for 2009. :-)

    Have a nice day,

  2. Miss those grand old days

  3. Very nicely written... I think capitalism is eating up us all :) Socialism was better....