Thursday, March 13

Long LOST friends

Have you ever thought about the feeling of losing something important to you? The feeling of losing something important is hard to explain.
I fear losing friends, because I have lost many.

This is a google call for all the friends whom I have lost. Call it my mistake or my lethargy.I am blogging this, just in case they google themseleves with ego searches, they can find this google call, and I would get back my old friend.

ChandraSekar: The first thing that you would notice abour this fellow is that he is very tall, with spikey hair. He was my class mate from 3rd to 5th Std in Tarapore Matriculation school. I remember tortuning him and making him obey my orders as a class leader ( so typical of me, huhh yeaah) .

Jaya Sudha: We studied together for 2 years in Salai Govindarajan Matriculation School, Ayanavaram. I still have the Sai baba photo which she presented me, on my last day in that school

Pavithra: We were in 8th STD "A" Sec in Boston Matriculation School, Nandanam. I remember how much easy it was for me to gel with her. I may even call it instant friendship. I used to admire her big eyes and her intelligent looks. We used to have a cut throat competition for first rank in our class. I knew that she was in touch with our Mathematics teacher Miss. MeenaRanjan after she left this school.I still wonder why I never took any steps to rebond?

Ramya: We were tution mates for 2 years. We attended Mr. MadanaGopal's mathematics tutions during our higher school days. I used to enjoy "Sunny" rides with her. I even met her on Orkut a few months back, but did not get a positive response from her. I did find her ... but not my friend in her.

Anuranjana Bara: A lovely person I have ever met. She was/is my God mother. I wish she reads this message someday. I miss her a lot.

Aditya: I met him in GT express while travelling from Bhopal to Chennai. He was studying in Vellore Institute of Technology. We were in touch through mails for a few days. I still remember Kavitha's expression when Aditya spoke to me in the train. I call that a kodak moment. :)

Jayanthi Arunachalam (Jayanthi Anand): It was totally my mistake. I lost touch with her. I should have got in touch again after she sent a mail that she delivered a baby. I will never forgive myself for this mistake.

Vincent Antony: We worked togerther in Patni Computers. I would better call him my very good colleague rather than a friend. Becase our interaction was more professional than anything personal. I did get to learn a lot from him.

I hope this Google Call works... And I wish to get back my old friends.

"Until I feared I would lose it, I never loved to read. One does not love breathing."
(To Kill A Mockingbird, Harper Lee)

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