Wednesday, July 12


She is just 1 month old in this company and this is her first project.
He is 4 months old in this company and this is his second project.

He has been given the responsibility of She's Knowledge transition.

He sends a document to She which has all the technical details. Name of the document is "Business Jargons". He also send a few project documents. He instructs She to go through the documents before the meeting

Note: There are two set of documents
1st set - name of the document "Business jargons"
2nd set - Project documents

Scene : Meeting

He: Hi ! Welcome to our team
She: Thanks
He: So .. Did u get some time to go through the project documents
She: Yes... But there are too many jargons used in the project documents. I need some more time
He: Jargons .. That is a different document
She: Yes He.. Business jargons is a different document..But I am talking about the jargons in the project document
He: As I told you .. Jargons is a different document .. dont mistake that with project document
She: ( ohhh!!! GOD save me .. This fellow doesnt even understand what a jargon means!!!!) fine He.. Can we try to arrange for some sessions for discussing the project details ??

He doesnt understand what Jargon means .. He thinks "Jargon" is the name of the documents
Dont know how some people can be this dumb!!!


  1. Kalyan10:41 PM

    Hmm.... another KAP Expertise ???

  2. yes Kalyan
    Another KAP experience
    SDM KAP was much better